Cucumber Cooler Smoothie

"In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision." - Dalai Lama

Maybe it's because the season is close to changing, or maybe it's because things just weren't that busy at work today, but holy cow, today was just one of those days that didn't want to end! I'd work and surf the web and text my friends, thinking I was occupying myself for hours, then when I'd check the clock, only two minutes had gone by. I was going through the same thing while being on the treaddesk at work (it's like a treadmill and a desk built into one). I would work and walk while trying not to look at the timer, hoping that time would fly by quickly, when in reality what felt like 30 minutes was only five. Is anyone else going through this? Today kind of felt like the day before a giant vacation, where your mind is racing a million miles a minute and you just get anxiously tired... but without the vacation tomorrow part. All I kept thinking about was upcoming plans and trips, and wedding plans, and pictures, and clothes, and fitness, and what I can pin (since I'm just now getting super into Pinterest), and American Horror Story, and yet time was going by so slow; it just wasn't funny. Luckily, my Dad, who recently started a smoothie and juices obsession/diet, texted me and asked me to find a fresh-tasting and natural juice that he could make as a snack without too many extras or sweeteners. I rushed home after work and tried this fresh-sounding recipe. Turns out - it was a hit with my Dad! He liked how light and refreshing it was which is perfect for him since he works in the sun a good portion of the day. It was beyond quick to make in my Nutribullet, but I bet it's even easier to make in a juicer. The fennel blends really well with the cucumber, while the asparagus rounds out all the flavors instead of letting the juice get a little too naturally sweet. It's a good choice for these last days of summer!

Cucumber Cooler Smoothie
adapted from: Smoothies! by Stella Murphy

*makes: 1 smoothie*

"Cooling, with a hint of aniseed."

7 oz cucumber, chopped
4 oz fennel, outer part removed, cut into chunks
2 1/2 oz asparagus, trimmed and chopped
1/2 cup water

1) Juice the cucumber, fennel, and asparagus together.
2) Add the water - if necessary (I had to add it while my Dad didn't).
3) Pour into a glass over ice.

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