About Me

I'm Stephanie Vélez Restrepo and I'm 30 years old. I'm a Miami, FL native that currently lives with my husband Adrian and my two adorable monsters, Nucita (a 6 year old choodle) and Pelusa (a 5 year old kitty). I also am super close to my Colombian parents, who live about 10 minutes away on the farm in which I was raised - yes, with horses and chickens included! After having seen many other food blogs, I felt inspired to make one of my own where I could vent about life's challenges as well as show my love of food. I want to try and make as many recipes as I can, no matter what kind they are or where they're from! Mind you, all of these recipes are tried both on my family and friends. You'll find everything on this blog from desserts to dinner, all of them made FROM SCRATCH - or as from scratch as possible. You'll also find my daily rants about my life outside of the kitchen. I want to be able to bring what I make, and feel, to others across the world, from my kitchen and home to yours. Feel free to follow me; feel free to talk to me. Hope you enjoy!

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