Make an Order!

Welcome to the Vélez Delights (Company) page!

Who are we?
We're a mother & daughter based company that makes everything straight from our home to yours. We're based in Miami, FL and deliver to all around Miami (everywhere from Miami Beach to down south Homestead).

What do we make?
We make foods that come from two different backgrounds: American and Colombian. Scroll down to see what we make, and we hope that you like it!

If you're interested in ordering from us, you can reach us by any of these 3 ways:
Stephanie's Cell: 305.794.7826
Angela's Cell: 305.439.4932
Email: velezdelights@hotmail.com

Arepas (by the dozen)

Breads (by the loaf)

Brownies (by the dozen)

Cakes (standard is 9")

Cookies (by the dozen)

Cupcakes (regular by the dozen; minis by the 2-dozen)

Dulces De... (by the jar)
pictured from left to right: Piña con Coco (Pineapple with Coconut), Brevas (Figs), Papaya, Guayaba (Guava)

Empanadas (by the dozen)
Aji (sold separately, by the jar)

We hope that you like what you see and we hope to cater to you soon!