Restaurant Review: Amelia's 1931

Last night, A and I decided to have a night out on the town to celebrate so many things that have been happening in our lives, and are yet to happen: his new job, my recent job promotion, his 32nd birthday, and marking one month to go 'til the wedding, to name a few things. Mind you, we don't really go out much, and recently, due to wedding/honeymoon budgeting reasons, we haven't even been going out at all, not even to eat. But, you know what? It's a new year, and with so many things in the works, we decided what better thing to do than to do what we love: eat. To commemorate our first out-of-the-house date night of 2018, we decided to try out a new restaurant that opened up relatively close to our house: Amelia's 1931.

Amelia's 1931 is local Miami chef Eileen Andrade's newly opened second restaurant, located at 13695 SW 26th St., Miami, FL 33175, only a few blocks away from her first restaurant, Finka Table and Tap. At such a young age, this entrepreneur has shown off her genetically-inherited culinary skills and was even named as one of Zagat's 30 Under 30; talk about IMPRESSIVE! Per the restaurant's website, Amelia's 1931 is an homage to Chef Andrade's grandmother, who "was known for her counter service and delicious cafecitos at [her] grandfather's restaurants in Cuba and Miami."

As soon as we were seated, we noticed how cozy the restaurant was, with an old-world Hispanic diner vibe, which was accentuated really well by 1930's-1940's-like music in the background. When looking around, we noticed the crowd was a melting pot of differing groups: big families, groups of friends, couples on intimate dates. Everything meshed well. Our waiter for the night, JP, immediately came up to offer us the menu, one side being the food, and the other being the drinks (beer and wine). A ordered a local beer, La Rubia, and I asked for a glass of Pinot Grigio.

For the appetizers, we chose from the Pa' Picar section of the menu:

Peruvian Arroz con Pollo Fritters with Huacatay Mayo


Fried Porkbelly with a Chicharron Crumble and Chives

The fritters were an explosion of flavor in my mouth. The "chicken and rice" croqueta-type of appetizer was paired with a mayonnaise sauce made of Peruvian huacatay, and was served with chopped tomatoes and onions. This combination made the dish be a very strong way to start an amazing meal. To follow, the fried pork belly was juicy and flavorful, and it seemed to be spiced with some kind of Asian-inspired seasonings. The lasting notes of spices reminded me of the sauce that you get with Chinese takeout, but in a good way. This seasoning went really well with the chicharron crumble's texture.

After the appetizers, we chose our main meals from the Daily Special menu as well as the Cuban Tots section of the main menu:

Malanga Tots with Vaca Frita, Fried Garlic, and Aji Amarillo Mayo

Lamb Chops with Parmesan Risotto and Mediterranean Sauce


Yuca Tots with Pulled Pork Cheeks, Mariquita Crumble, Cilantro Aioli, and Chives

Both of the Tots dishes were equally amazing. Each listed flavor on the menu combined with the other flavors, but without being diminished by any of the others. You could literally sit there and distinguish everything that was listed on the menu, and although when looking at it, you would think the sauces would make the tots mushy, on the contrary: both dishes had a great texture and crunch to them.

Although the Malanga Tots dish was my main dish of the night, A decided to have the lamb as his main and had the Yuca Tots to accompany it. The lamb was perfectly cooked, and he thought that it was paired extremely well with the risotto underneath it, which was also cooked well. His only complaint was that he would have put a little less of the Mediterranean sauce on the plate. He thought that the sauce overpowered the parmesan flavor of the risotto instead of bringing it out.

For dessert, we had the Flan, which is made in-house:

Although we were told that the flan comes with peanuts crumbled on top, since we're not peanuts fans, we asked that they not include them. Regardless, the flan was exceptional. It was creamy, and had that light egg-y flavor that a good Cuban flan has, without being too sweet. The caramel on the flan was a nice accent to the flan, as it did not take the spotlight but had a nice presence on the plate.

Overall, we highly enjoyed our date night at Amelia's 1931! Would we go back? Yes! Would we recommend this place? Yes! Should you go? Yes!

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